The kids on 90210 are all sah-luts……..but then who isn’t. At first I was not sure about this show, you see I am a dedicated fan of the original (everyday on the Soap net at 5 and 6). I am so in love with it now. The HOTTESt guy on the show is Navid.

 navid1I love him!!! I think he is suppose to be the David Silver…not pos. Can we just talk about the Annie, Ethan, and Naomi little triangle or lack there of. For 15 Naomi has a lot of grand ideas how to break up Annie and Eathan. What happened to writing bad things about them on the bathroom walls or just name calling???? For real she flys down the ex? When that kind of shit happened when I was that age the word bitch was thrown around, then the “Naomi” would just tell everybody what “Annie” said about them so they would be on your side…..geezzz that was a rant! Naomi is such a beotch…yet I want to be her….when I was 15!!

Has anyone else noticed that Lori Loughlin aka Aunt Becky is not on the show as much as she was in the beginning.lori-loughlin

So next week Brenda tells Kelly that she slept with the teacher, Ryan Matthews. Is this really a surprise?!?! NO. What else is going to happen to poor Kelly Taylor. I mean she was rapped, abused, had a drug problem, then her mom had a drug problem, then her dad went to prison, had a miscarriage, Brandon cheated on her then proposed and did not want to, got burned in a fire, was in a cult, has Dylan’s baby, then Brenda sleeps with her new love interest! DAYUM! This shit is the best!


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